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VINO Friday FlightsVINO’s Friday Flights happen every Friday evening from 4:30 until 8:00. You get a flight of five wines for $10, and we will usually have 2 or 3 bonus pours for a nominal extra charge. You can drop in anytime, and all are welcome from newbies to wine know-it-alls. We always provide the bread to cleanse your palates and please feel free to bring snacks and other nibbles with you!

Featured Wines
Powerful Priorat at a Pretty Price!

Wow! I just tasted this about 5 minutes ago with one of my reps and was absolutely blown away that a Priorat this good was available for so little and had to sit down and share immediately! This is as[more]

Nada Nebbiolo: Barbaresco Quality at a Bargain Price!

When you speak of traditionalists, Bruno Nada, carrying on for his father Fiorenzo, is making wines that challenge anybody’s in the Piedmont for excellence. This nebbiolo is sensational. Rich, b[more]

Dolcetto Gets Real!

Ascheri is renowned for producing Barolos that are classics. Unyielding, bold, traditional nebbiolo that come from their impeccably maintained cellar in Bra. Their attention to detail, and the intense[more]

I don’t usually do things prompted by reviews I read in The Wine Spectator, especially wines that are made in the several thousand case quantity, but I know on this bottle when word hits the gen[more]

Savory Savoie: 2011Philippe Ravier Roussanne

We’ve been seeing plenty of roussanne based wines coming from various NW wineries. They are usually fairly good, but unfortunately priced at about $15-$20 or more. Now here’s the thing: they are n[more]

This hasn’t happened in a long time: a wine comes in from an area that I like but have never really been overly impressed with, and WHAM!, suddenly my palate pops open, my mind’s expectati[more]

Baby Barbaresco!

I’ve been amazed at the values from Franco Serra’s small Piedmontese operation in the village of Mombaruzzo a few km’s from Alba. Whether it was a killer Barbaresco for around $25 or[more]

2013 Love & Squalor Pinot Gris: leave bland behind!

Floating like a delicious life preserver in a sea of innocuous pinot gris comes this latest zesty white from winemaker Matt Berson, who seems to have knack for making whites that refresh, satisfy, and[more]

Jan. 30, 2015

Red Wines of Portugal: where the wine deals roam free!!

quinta-do-noval-cedro-do-noval-vinho-regional-duriense-portugal-10091620I have to say I am WAY more excited for tomorrow’s tasting of Portuguese reds than I thought I would be. As I’ve been tasting through the candidates and winnowing the field, I am simply more and more amazed at how ridiculously delicious these wines are at equally astonishing prices. This is some seriously good juice that I admit I have not been paying enough attention to. Which means, of course, that I have also not been doing my best for you. Well, I believe that tomorrow’s Portuguese wine fest will take care of both omissions. You’ll be knocked out by the rich flavors and the obvious character inherent in these reds. There is something so intriguing about these wines. Relatively unfamiliar grapes like Touriga Nacional, Tinto Roriz, Alicante, and their ilk define terroir and “somewhereness” in wine. I really can’t wait for you to try these. You’ll see by the scores that the critics agree, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters to me, and hopefully you, is that this is how you define “real” wine. You’ll see what I mean when you taste these….
-2013 CASA SANTOS LIMA “Escapada” $8.95
-2011 DOW “Vale do Bomfim” $11.95…90 pts-Wine Spectator
-2012 JOAO PORTUGAL RAMOS Alentejano Reserva $15.95…90 pts-Wine Spectator
-2011 RAMOS PINTO Duas Quintas $16.95…91 pts-Wine Spectator
-2009 QUINTA DO NOVAL Cedro do Noval $21.95…92 pts-Wine Advocate: “One to grab, because the quality is high and the price is low. It is becoming a repetitive overachiever. A fine achievement at this price level and one of the better values in the vintage. The only problem for Noval is that many will wonder why they should trade up to the winery’s prestige wines at several times the Cedro’s price!”
And if that sounds good, the bonus pours are going to rock your palates….
Bonus #1-2010 WINE & SOUL Douro “Quinta da Manoelola” $24.95…92 pts-Wine Spectator; 92 pts-Wine Advocate: “It has elegance as its trademark. This property will never produce obvious “wow” wines. They will be highly regarded for their balance and harmony, their subtlety and precision.”
Bonus #2-2005 CHURCHILL Douro Estate $28.95…90 pts-Wine Spectator: “Shows aromas and flavors of crushed red fruit, meat and spice. Polished, with silky tannins and a luscious vein of dark chocolate and Mocha Java. The long finish carries the fruit and spice.”
Bonus #3-2005 FONSECA Porto Late Bottled Vintage $23.95…LBV ports are the secret pleasure of those of us in the wine biz. At a quarter to a third the price of “vintage” ports, you get near vintage quality for so much less. This is an exemplary bottle!-BB; 92 pts-Wine Spectator: “Deeply colored, with intense freshness and juiciness to the blackberry, dark plum and raspberry tart flavors that extend with hints of cedar on the finish. Drink now through 2022.”

107994lThat lineup, fellow wine travelers, is where the savvy wine shopper roams! Come taste for yourselves tomorrow between 4:30-8:00. Ten dollars for the first five wonders, and a bit more for the bonus revelations. All so very worth it. bring along snacks, friends, some food from the carts next door (I mentioned the new pizza cart last week. We also have an Egyptian themed cart that makes a killer chicken shawarma), whatever you need. We’ll provide the liquid refreshment!


Jan. 30th: Portuguese Wine: where the wine deals roam free!

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