Francesco Moser: From Bikes to Bottles

220px-Francesco_Moser_Giro_2011Mention the name of Francesco Moser to any Italian bicycle aficionado of a certain age and they’re likely to have fond memories of Lo scerrifo, or “the sheriff”, as Moser was known during his bike racing heyday. The winner of the 1984 Giro d’Italia, and the third most prolific bike racing champion in the world, Francesco has shown equal desire and intensity since joining his family’s winemaking cantine in the northern Italian region of Trentino. Now a third generation of Moser’s has taken the reins of this esteemed estate that overlooks the village of Trent, making wines of character and quality, driven by the same passion that made Fancesco Moser one of Italy’s great athletic champions.
We have very limited availability on the wines listed below, but very much encourage you to try these singular winemaking achievements.
n/v Spumante 51,151….$30.95 bottle
51A dry, crisp, elegant, and vivacious blend of chardonnay and pinot noir with a beautiful, fresh aroma and flavor. This is an extremely well made bottle of Italian bubbly that has the body and texture to be equally at home as an aperitif or to be served with heartier fare. Named in honor of the record Francesco set for the distance in kilometers he rode in one hour in 1984, breaking the record the legendary Eddie Merckx had held since 1972!
2011 Teroldego “Sanzorz”…$16.95 bottle
terPractically bursting with ripe, rich berry fruit…think blueberries, ripe raspberries off the vine, and dark bing cherries…this has layers of intriguing flavor and a long, lovely, velvety smooth finish. This is drinking so well right now and would be an excellent choice with roast meats or chicken.
2012 Moscato Giallo…$19.95 bottle
moscDry, vibrantly fruity, with beautifully perfumed aromatics that remind me of fresh cut flowers, spring blossoms, and exotic spices. If you’ve never tried a dry muscat before you are totally missing out on one of the wine world’s greatest secrets. A fabulous food white for any number of dining choices, especially Thai, Chinese, or Indian meals!

Vacqueyras: The Poor Man’s Chateauneuf du Pape??

That “Poor man’s (fill in the blank)” moniker gets tossed around in all facets of life. Most times with more wishful thinking than truth. In the case of the wines of the Vacqueyras region and their kinship with their more famous neighbors in Chateauneuf du Pape in France’s Rhone Valley it may actually be true….

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2008 Fiorenzo Nada Barbaresco: bottled beauty!!

2008 FIORENZO NADA Barbaresco “Manzola” $44.95 bottle/ $230.00 6-Pack/ $428.00 case I have been grossly fortunate over the years to have tasted well over a thousand Barbarescos and Barolos from Italy’s Piedmont region, that place where the nebbiolo grape that gets made into these epitomes of wine greatness reaches the height of its powers. Having…

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