Lady Hill Winery “Procedo” & “Ad Lucem”: Legends in the making?

The Next Chapter
How do you move on from a legend? If you’re Jerry Owen, half of the dynamic duo with David O’Reilly that brought you the stunners from Owen Roe Winery, you part ways with your long time collaborator and start creating your own delicious stories. Hence Jerry and his wife Elaine’s newest passion, Lady Hill Winery, named for the property where the Owen family has lived and farmed since 1850. Jerry was wise enough to bring along as his chief winemaker Erik Brashers, who was for last several vintages Director of Winemaking at Owen Roe, and who shares Jerry’s integrity and passion for quality. I tasted the following two wines last week and knew right away I was onto something very special. I have to say it was the same feeling I had David first brought by the Owen Roe wines about 13 years ago. There was just something different, in all good ways, that seemed to set them apart from the endless and indistinguishable NW wines I taste every week. First off their prices are incredibly reasonable considering the quality. Jerry and Erik have long relations with their various grape growers and are intimately involved with all areas of the vineyard management, and it plainly shows. These are wines of richness, balance, and integrity. Young, vibrant, textured, and with copious amounts of satisfying aromas and flavors and years of promise ahead of them. I haven’t been this excited by a new northwest wine in years, and am thrilled to be able to offer you these remarkable winemaking achievements. There aren’t many great twenty dollar bottles of NW red. These are two. I expect you’ll be hearing very big things about Lady Hill in the years ahead. You can say you were there at the start!
2012 LADY HILL “Ad Lucem”
$20.95 bottle/ $201.00 case
“Ad Lucem” is Latin for “into the light” which is representative of what Jerry and Elaine are experiencing right now at Lady Hill, and this joyous expression of Rhone varietals shares their excitement. Textured, earthy, darkly colored, very delicious , balanced, and a perfect partner to the cool weather dining in the months ahead. Alert your braising pot!
62% syrah, 17% mourvedre, 11% grenache, 10% durif (aka: petite sirah)

2012 LADY HILL “Procedo”
$20.95 bottle/ $201.00 case
A somewhat Abbot’s Table-ish blend, if I may, that delivers at least as much quality as we’ve come to expect from that Owen Roe flagship, if not even more exuberance and intensity than recent AT vintages. Also for few dollars less per bottle, which is never a bad thing. A rich, fleshy, layered red that has nice tannic grip and a pop of acidity lacing through the finish that will really work beautifully with grilled and roasted meats and veggies, or a long simmered bolognese.
62% sangiovese, 15% cabernet franc, 13% merlot, 10% cabernet sauvignon

**LADY HILL CASE: Get a mixed case of 6 bottles of each of the Lady Hill reds above for the same full case discount of $201.00 per case!

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Lady Hill Winery “Procedo” & “Ad Lucem”: Legends in the making?

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