January 2018

VINO’s annual food drive for The Oregon Food Bank!!

“We’re hungry, fill us up!!”

>> VINO’S Food Drive for the OREGON FOOD BANK!!
Each year we do this, usually in December, but as a reminder that the need keeps going on even after the holidays I’m switching our annual Oregon Food Bank food drive to January. All month I’ll have our barrels out ready to accept your generous donations, so if you could drop a little edible goodness off, especially when you come on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, I’ll personally deliver it out to this organization who does just incredible amounts of good in our community. What to give, you ask? They make it easy by providing this link  that lists the most needed items:
It almost goes without saying in these rather troubling times we are in that doing good in our local communities seems paramount. It’s sometimes hard to know what to do to help. This is one exceptionally easy way to truly fulfill some huge gaps in the system. And I promise with each item you drop off you’ll get a nice little glow. Even one single can, less than a dollar to you and me, will make a difference. But lets do more and really get these barrels filled and show that those in need in our state, and our country, will not be forgotten. Thank you ahead of time to the generous VINO community!!!
** Feel free to drop food items anytime we are open during usual business hours, Tuesday-Sunday

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