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Superb Saint-Chinian: 2013 Domaine de Cambis!!

2013 Domaine de Cambis Saint-Chinian "Carnet du Voyage"
$23.95 bottle/ $229.00 case

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.16.49 AMAccording to the Cambis website, “Carnet de Voyage is an ode to discovery and to travelling. We think that we have succeeded in making the taster of this wine travel while drinking it.” Believe me, it worked! I just tried this incredible red wine this past week and was absolutely blown away at the quality here. Easily the best wine I’ve ever had from the tiny Saint Chinian appellation in SW France. This is a gutsy, big boy bottle of red that will take have its way with many a much more expensive bottle. Saint Chinian lies about 20km inland from the Mediterranean, where the cool, sea borne evening breezes moderate the intense heat that bakes the vineyards during the day. In the best cases you have darkly colored, intensely flavorful reds. Then you have this case, where the hand of the almighty seems to have touched the vineyard and taken Cambis’ grapes to the promised land! A blend of syrah (70%)-grenache (20%)-carignan (10%) that is loaded with intensely perfumed and richly fruited aromas and flavors. There is so much going on here, and all of it is delicious. Ripe Chester blackberries, fresh pepper, smoke, espresso, cocoa, wild herbs, and a stony minerality on the finish. And that finish! It must have sat on my palate for 4 or 5 minutes, echoing all those wildly sensual flavors. Coming from organically farmed vines, most of them hand farmed due to the steeply pitched vineyards, and averaging 50-60 years of age! This is an astonishing wine for this price. Tastes more like a $30+ Rhone Valley red than a “humble” Saint-Chinian, but that’s why it is such a screaming deal. Love this juice!!

VINO Value Case #35!!

VINO VALUE  CASE #35 Enough time has gone by that you must have gone through those 12 bottles from Value Case #34, right? Assuming that is the “case”, as it were, and also assuming you still enjoy drinking very well for a pittance, then below you’ll find the latest installment of our delicious dozen bottles….

Walter Scott Wines and the Passion for Pinot!

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Superb Saint-Chinian: 2013 Domaine de Cambis!!

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