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Cellers Santamaria: Spanish wine from the Old School!

2007 Cellers Santamaria "Gran Recosind"
$16.95 bottle/ $163.00 case

Unknown-1Describing a wine as sexy seems to be a bit pandering. What does that mean exactly? Then I took a taste of this sensual red from Spain’s little explored Emporda region in the northeast corner of the country, and I have to say I knew exactly what it meant. If this is wine- sexy, then I say bring it on! Dark, rich, mysterious, earthy, full-bodied, intriguing, intense, and velvety smooth. Irresistibly beckoning you back for more, daring you not to indulge your desire for one more taste whether you need it or not. It’s all here in this latest vintage from one of the revelatory finds we’ve made from Spain in the last couple of years. I first tasted this in the 2005 version and was blown away, but the importer here hardly brought any into our market so I couldn’t really share the love. The ’06 came in and frankly didn’t grab me the way the ’05 did. But boy, with this beautifully styled, and yes, sexy, ’07 I am once again obsessed. Mostly garnacha with smaller amounts of carinyena, tempranillo, and cabernet sauvignon, this is über-traditional in flavor and character. The soils are granitic and the vines struggle to produce fruit, and as melodramatic as it may sound you can almost taste this in the wine. Really remarkable at this price, produced in tiny quantities, this is not to be missed. Drink now or hold for 5-8 years. And yes, the label is as cool as it looks!

The wines of OWEN ROE, July 29th!!

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When one is pouring for guests during this summer season (heck, during any season for that matter), one always likes their guests to think their generous hosts spent way more than they did on the liquid pleasure being offered. Or if you’re bringing a special bottle along to dinner it is always good to know…

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Cellers Santamaria: Spanish wine from the Old School!

Describing a wine as sexy seems to be a bit pandering. What does that mean exactly? Then I took a taste of this sensual red from Spain’s little explored Emporda region in the northeast corner of[more]

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