Oregon Pinot Noir

2013 Buckman Wine Co. Pinot Noir- the return!!

2013 BUCKMAN WINE CO. Pinot Noir "Willamette Valley"
$17.95 bottle/ $96.00 per 1/2 case/ $172.00 case

I may have hoped, but I never thought that this would be the wine I get asked about more than other. For all of who’ve been asking when we’ll have more, here’s your answer…

Buck 2013Three years ago when we first came out with our private label Buckman Wine Co. Pinot Noir from the very underrated 2011 vintage, I was just hoping to sell through that whopping 25 cases. Of course the response was tremendously positive. Now, starting with the 2013 vintage we have doubled our production to a “staggering” 50 cases. Based on past response and the bottle I had open for two full days over this past weekend, I’m just hoping we still have some through the holidays. Not optimistic, but hopeful. The Buckman is made exclusively for VINO by the wine savants Athena Pappas and Stewart Boedecker of Boedecker Cellars here in Portland. The fruit for this ’13 vintage is sourced from vineyards they’ve worked with for years, predominantly in the Dundee Hills and Yamhill-Carlton districts. This is a lovely, spot-on Oregon Pinot Noir. Owing the cooler than usual harvest this medium-bodied pinot has wonderful aromatics. Just picked Hood strawberries, pepper & cinnamon spice, bing cherry, and other sensations flow from the glass. These same sensations cross your palate in a bit more primary form, owing to the relative youth of this bottling. On its second day open everything was amplified, the nose and palate showing the potential of this pinot. The youthful acids and tannins had toned down and melded, the dark fruit came a bit more forward, with other notes of plum, coffee, and hints of fennel. The texture was so easy to take, smooth and elegant, the finish balanced and complete. So, yeah, I have to say I am exceedingly pleased with our latest release.  For those with a modicum of patience I would also highly encourage you sticking a few bottles away, because you’ll be shocked at how good this is in another year (or longer). At just over $14 a bottle by the case you can simply not do better in Oregon Pinot Noir.

What I’m most satisfied by, and was driven home with the two day exploration of this wine, is that the Buckman Pinot Noir has turned into exactly what I hoped it would become when I first pondered the private label thing. Which is being able to offer all of you an incredibly affordable pinot noir that is extremely satisfying in its youth, but with the ability to age gracefully for two to five years, which based on years of experience you rarely see these days $18 a bottle! Also I would be remiss not to thank to Stew and Athena for being so easy to work with, as always, and sharing their rather high levels of local talent with all of us!

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2013 Buckman Wine Co. Pinot Noir- the return!!

I may have hoped, but I never thought that this would be the wine I get asked about more than other. For all of who’ve been asking when we’ll have more, here’s your answer… Three y[more]

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