Friday Flights

VINO Friday FlightsVINO’s Friday Flights happen every Friday evening from 4:30 until 8:00. You get a flight of five wines for $10, and we will usually have 2 or 3 bonus pours for a nominal extra charge. You can drop in anytime, and all are welcome from newbies to wine know-it-alls. We always provide the bread to cleanse your palates and please feel free to bring snacks and other nibbles with you!

Featured Wines
THE BUCK IS BACK: 2014 Buckman Pinot Noir!!

Coming a month late (due to self-inflicted label ordering issues) but all the better for the additional bottle time is our latest baby from the soon-to-be-revered 2014 Oregon pinot noir vintage. As it[more]

Sensational Sangiovese from Di Majo Norante!

This super value sangiovese from the Molise region has never been better than in this 2013 version. Di Majo Norantes is the foremost producer in this wine area that abuts the Adriatic Sea in southern [more]

Blockbuster, world class red here. Absolutely stunning. Yes, expensive by Barbera standards but most assuredly blows away virtually all similarly priced wines. This is amazing! I could go on and on, a[more]

Loire Loveliness: 2013 FRANCK MILLET Sancerre

Given that I obsess over fresh oysters and can consume, if offered the chance, unhealthy amounts of them, is it any wonder I love the great Sancerre from France’s Loire Valley? In truth, any fish or[more]

Oregon Classic: 2012 CROWLEY WINES Pinot Noir “Entre Nous”

Since the first release I carried, his still delicious 2005 vintage “Entre Nous” Pinot, I have been very impressed with the pure, classically Oregon pinots from Tyson Crowley and his partner Evan [more]

Mont Gras “Antu” Syrah: as good as it gets!

When we carried the previous locally available release of this Chilean beauty, the 2009 “Antu” Syrah, I wrote that it was one of, if not the, best South American Syrahs I’ve had. At any price. A[more]

Superiore in Every Way!

You may have gathered over time that I am a huge Barbera nut. Probably my favorite wine to drink on a regular basis, which makes me somewhat, well, “particular” would be a good way to put [more]

Un Autre Monde…translated means “Another World”…which is about how I’m feeling right now about this wine. Another world meaning, oh, say, buying Oregon pinot noir in the early to mid-1990’[more]

Nov. 20th, 2015

Thanksgiving Wines for all your needs!!

For those of us obsessed with eating and drinking, is there any better holiday than Thanksgiving? This is the raison d’etre of the fourth Thursday in November. No gifts to give, no naughty or nice threats hanging like the sword of Damocles over the heads of the kids (as an aside, that whole “naughty or nice” thing has 5-year old C-boy on his best behavior. He’s determined not to get coal in his stocking. Oh, if this manipulation of the child’s mind could only last forever!) The only worry Thanksgiving brings is what and how much? Unless you’ve had the poor judgment to choose to travel, but that’s on you. We spend days anticipating the bounty coming to the table, especially f you’re the obsessively indulgent type like me. I can’t do very much to help with the edible portion of your celebration, but since my own raison d’etre is to make sure you drink as well as possible then this Friday is for you!

IMG_5480First bit of advice: Don’t overthink this! There is a cacophony of flavors that come together for Thanksgiving. Which means this isn’t the time for sublety. I never pull out those aged bottles from my cellar at big holidays since they tend to get overwhelmed by the flavors and whole event. This is the time for youthful exuberance, fruit filled bottles that don’t take a back seat but also don’t compete too much. Holidays are all about getting along, right? As in family matters and on the table. I can promise that every wine we’re pouring tomorrow will be exceptionally accommodating to your needs next week. Now, my second, and maybe most important bit of advice: DRINK WHAT YOU LIKE! You can read all sorts of thanksgiving wine and food tips. Heck, I give all sorts of advice! But if you want an oaky California chardonnay with your dinner, go for it. If you’re thinking that a big, full blown, flammable zinfandel is the deal, then please enjoy. If you want perhaps some other inspiration that I am very excited to provide, then by all means come and indulge in tomorrow’s vinous bounty….
2013 CHATEAU D’ORSCHWIHR Pinot Gris “Bollenberg” $17.95…I can assure you a bottle of this amazing Alsatian gris will be consumed by yours truly next Thursday!
2014 JEAN-MICHEL DUPRÉ Regnie $13.95…this showed beautifully last night at our Beaujolais event. A steal in Cru-level Gamay!
2014 BUCKMAN WINE CO. Pinot Noir “Willamette Valley” $17.95…not to toot our own horn, but, man, is this drinking well. If you want to go local and pinot, this has the stuffing to hang with your stuffing!
2012 CASAR DE BURBIA Mencia $15.95…just in and what a joyous, interesting bottle of Spanish red from the Bierzo region. Further poof that Mencia is an awesomely food-friendly grape!
-2014 SWICK WINES Grenache “Terre Brulée” $23.95…This was featured in our E-Special this week, and I dare you not to swoon when you taste this grenache from Washington grapes made by an über-talented Oregon winemaker!
And for those who crave a bit more (an on T-Day, who doesn’t crave more?), our bountiful bonus pours await….
Bonus #1-2010 CUVELIER LOS ANDES “Coleccion” (Malbec-Merlot-Cab Sauv-Syrah-Petit Verdot) $23.95…very cool, intense Argentinean blend. 91 points-Wine Spectator: “Polished and well-structured, this red offers fine tannins and fresh acidity supporting notes of pure cassis and black cherry puree. Spice, mineral and dark tobacco hints add range to the finish.”
Bonus#2-2010 QUADY NORTH Syrah “Steelhead Run” $29.95…this is drinking spectacularly well right now. Another reason I have a man crush on for Herb Quady’s winemaking skills!
Bonus #3-2011 OLIM BAUDA Barbera d’Asti “Nizza”  $34.95…You know I adore Barbera, and this single-vineyard bottle is as good as it gets from one of my favorite Piedmontese winemakers! 93 points-Vinous: “The 2011 Barbera d’Asti Superiore Nizza is made in a much darker, more intense style. Dark cherry, plum, spice, new leather and mocha abound. Rich, powerful and voluptuous to the core, the Superiore will appeal most to readers who enjoy opulent Barberas. This is another terrific showing from Olim Bauda!”

10SYR_STL_front_copy.225154638_std (1)With that, bring on the holidays!!! Come do your Turkey Day prep at VINO tomorrow from 4:30-8:00. Ten bucks will provide the first five, and a little bit more for the bonus pours will make the night complete! Absolutely bring some snacks, because food and wine pairing is what this is all about. Some friends to share the fun with are never a bad idea either. See you here!!


Nov. 20th: The Perfect Thanksgiving Wines- you know you’ll be drinking your way through the holiday. Let us show you the perfect bottles for that bird, and those pesky relatives!

Nov. 27th: No tasting tonight. We will be open Saturday, Nov. 28th for a Special Saturday Sale!!!

Dec. 4th: VINO’s Holiday Fizz Fest- this always anticipated bubble bash is nigh! Get your holiday groove on at VINO!!

Dec. 11th: Great Piedmont Reds, pt. 2…more character in a glass via Barolo,

Dec. 18th: Northwest Red Blends- the getting has never been better in the great northwest!