Friday Flights

VINO Friday FlightsVINO’s Friday Flights happen every Friday evening from 4:30 until 8:00. You get a flight of five wines for $10, and we will usually have 2 or 3 bonus pours for a nominal extra charge. You can drop in anytime, and all are welcome from newbies to wine know-it-alls. We always provide the bread to cleanse your palates and please feel free to bring snacks and other nibbles with you!

Featured Wines
Savory Savoie: 2011Philippe Ravier Roussanne

We’ve been seeing plenty of roussanne based wines coming from various NW wineries. They are usually fairly good, but unfortunately priced at about $15-$20 or more. Now here’s the thing: they are n[more]

This hasn’t happened in a long time: a wine comes in from an area that I like but have never really been overly impressed with, and WHAM!, suddenly my palate pops open, my mind’s expectati[more]

Cellers Santamaria: Spanish wine from the Old School!

Describing a wine as sexy seems to be a bit pandering. What does that mean exactly? Then I took a taste of this sensual red from Spain’s little explored Emporda region in the northeast corner of[more]

Baby Barbaresco!

I’ve been amazed at the values from Franco Serra’s small Piedmontese operation in the village of Mombaruzzo a few km’s from Alba. Whether it was a killer Barbaresco for around $25 or[more]

2013 Love & Squalor Pinot Gris: leave bland behind!

Floating like a delicious life preserver in a sea of innocuous pinot gris comes this latest zesty white from winemaker Matt Berson, who seems to have knack for making whites that refresh, satisfy, and[more]

Piedmontese Pleasures!

Piedmont Pleasures Individually or together, these are world class red wines that have all found their way into my basement. Absolutely stellar winemaking involved here from one of the places in the w[more]

Burgundian Bargain!!

Cue question for the ages: “Why, when we have world class pinot noir vineyards less than an hour away from my front door do I have to go several thousand miles to get a bottle of classic pinot n[more]

Owen Roe Cabernet Franc ON SALE!!

What can I say about David O’Reilly’s wines that I haven’t said over these last 14 years. Fabulous, satisfying, impeccably made. What I haven’t been able to, and never thought [more]

August 29, 2014

Company’s Coming! Boedecker Cellars & Montinore Estate in house!!

boeThat’s right. After months of relying on my own wits and imagination for your Friday wine drinking entertainment, I have finally been able to admit, in yet another sign of personal growth, that sometimes even I need help. And who better to help, especially with next Friday being a VINO blackout due to vacation, than two of my favorite local wineries and three of the most ridiculously talented winemakers in the state. I am extremely pleased that I was able to schedule Athena Pappas and Stewart Boedecker of PDX’s own Boedecker Cellars along with Ben Thomas of Montinore Vineyards in, especially with their own harvests staring them in the faces in about two weeks. For them every day from now to the first grapes rolling through their doors are filled with cleaning the winery, checking/repairing equipment, and making sure the fridge is filled with cold beer, which may be the most important ingredient to any successful wine harvest. They’ll be here to share knowledge, stories, and answer any questions you may have about the “glamourous” life of an Oregon winemaker. These are truly two of the best run wineries in the state. Not only are their wines exceptionally well made, and spot on examples of what I think Oregon wines should be, they are also very fairly priced for the fortunate wine drinkers who choose to partake. I hope you’ll make time to start the Labor Day weekend off right, because these wines are not to be missed….

-2012 MONTINORE ESTATE “Borealis” 36% Muller-Thurgau, 30% Riesling, 20% Gewurztraminer, 14% Pinot Gris $13.95
-2013 BOEDECKER CELLARS Pinot Gris “Willamette Valley” $17.95
-2013 BOEDECKER CELLARS Rosé Pinot Noir $14.95
-2012 MONTINORE ESTATE Pinot Noir “Willamette Valley” $18.95
-2012 BOEDECKER CELLARS Pinot Noir “Oregon” $21.95
And then these guys start to get really serious….
Bonus #1-2012 MONTINORE ESTATE Pinot Noir “Estate Reserve” $28.95
Bonus #2-2012 BOEDECKER CELLARS Pinot Noir “Cuvée YC” $44.95
Bonus #3-2011 MONTINORE ESTATE Pinot Noir “Swan Song” $46.95….this is the first, and only, time these last two exceptional pinots will be offered outside of the wineries. Yes, I am quite pleased!

montThe show starts tomorrow at 4:30 and runs until 8:00. This meet and drink will cost you only ten dollars for the first five generous pours, and the must have bonus pours are a very nominal bit more. This is the best way to drink local, and you’ll get time with these winemaking savants that you’ll never get at their wineries. Bring friends and food, and we’ll provide the fun!


Sept. 5th: NO TASTING! On vacation.

Sept. 12th: la Vuelta- our annual Tour de España!