Friday Flights

VINO Friday FlightsVINO’s Friday Flights happen every Friday evening from 4:30 until 8:00. You get a flight of five wines for $10, and we will usually have 2 or 3 bonus pours for a nominal extra charge. You can drop in anytime, and all are welcome from newbies to wine know-it-alls. We always provide the bread to cleanse your palates and please feel free to bring snacks and other nibbles with you!

Featured Wines
California Dreaming: 2014 Ridge Vineyards Petite Sirah “Lytton Estate”

Oh, boy!! We’ve been waiting a long time for this to land, and now that it is here it exceeds expectations on all levels! An absolutely drop dead gorgeous Petite Sirah that has Ridge’s trademark i[more]

Superb Saint-Chinian: 2013 Domaine de Cambis!!

According to the Cambis website, “Carnet de Voyage is an ode to discovery and to travelling. We think that we have succeeded in making the taster of this wine travel while drinking it.” Believ[more]

Amazing Alicante: 2009 Sierra Salinas Alicante!!

What a great blend here, a Spanish red that comes across more like a $30+ Priorat than a tinto from the relatively more obscure Alicante region. Rich, full bodied, yet superbly balanced. This is cryin[more]

Shatter Grenache: C’est Grande!!

Just a quick FYI: this is not your usual subtle, reticent French red. This is a full-bodied, in-your-face red from SW France that is undeniably delicious. This review from Jeb Dunnuck in Parker’s Wi[more]

Cigliuti’s Classic Barbera!!

When you read a rec from me regarding any Barbera in the store keep in mind I am a huge fan of the wines made from this grape. Barbera is my usual go-to wine at home, and you might say I am a bit, um,[more]

Mencia Madness: 2012 VINOS DE ARGANZA Lagar de Robla

This is a shockingly good bottle of Spanish red that is made 100% mencia from the Castillo y León region of NW Spain that recently received a well deserved 91 Wine Spectator points. It’s not all ab[more]

Mont Gras “Antu” Syrah: as good as it gets!

When we carried the previous locally available release of this Chilean beauty, the 2009 “Antu” Syrah, I wrote that it was one of, if not the, best South American Syrahs I’ve had. At any price. A[more]

Casa Contini’s Sublime Salento!

2013 CASA CONTINI Salento Rosso “Verso” $14.95 bottle/ $144.00 case You want to know what grapes that have ripened to perfection in the warm southern Italian sun taste like? Pop the cork on this d[more]

Dec. 9, 2016

Piedmont Pleasures!!

nebbiolo-giacomo-brezza-2014-giusta_1This is going to be a short and sweet. Did you hear weather, COLD WEATHER, is coming. Brrrr! Panic in the streets shall ensue, and I want to get to you all before you’re glued to your FB feeds. Oh, wait, you already are glued to FB. The only way to fight that is to send this message at 3am. Well, on the off chance you’re actually checking email instead of making excuses to leave work, thought you might like to know we have some awesome wine tasting opportunities all weekend. Read on, dear drinkers….

So, tomorrow. Piedmont. Italian wines I love like no others. In fact, over the last several years if I was being honest (and you know I always am!) I would admit that this has become my favorite wine drinking destination in this whole grape covered world. Besides being loaded with character, these wines have food affinity like no others. No matter what you might be dining on, a delicious, sublime red or white from the Piedmont will almost always be the perfect choice. Plus, when you consider what you get for what you pay, there is nothing better (ok, maybe the Rhone Valley can argue that point). For evidence, look no further than our Bonus Pours. I mean, the first five wines are no brainers, but if you want to drop a little more serious coin, then these Barolos and Barbarescos blow away, in terms of flavor, complexity, and value, ANY domestic wine. A $35+ Oregon pinot or a similarly priced Barolo/Barbaresco? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way. Anyway, you know I am all in on these, so I hope you can make it tomorrow and taste the glory of yourselves…
2015 MONTARIBALDI Dolcetto d’Alba “Vagnona” $11.95…I tasted this vintage at the winery this past June with owner Luciano Tagliano. As always the Vagnona is simply an outstanding daily drinker!
2013 CA VIOLA Dolcetto d’Alba “Vilot” $17.95…then we step up our dolcetto game with this beauty! 91 pts-Vinous: “…fleshes out in the glass with notable depth and texture. Dark red and purplish fruit, game, smoke, spices and leather meld together in a decidedly powerful, textured Dolcetto loaded with personality. Far from an easygoing wine, the Vilot has enough depth to drink well for a number of years. A final burst of violet and spice notes puts an exclamation point on this gorgeous Dolcetto from Beppe Caviola.”
2013 GIOVANNI ROCCA Barbera d’Alba “Pian Romualdo” $18.95…beautiful Barbera from one of the most highly regarded single-vineyard sites in the Piedmont!
2015 BREZZA Langhe Nebbiolo $17.95…Enzo Brezza himself was just in town and stopped by to show all his terrific wines. I was particularly impressed with the value here. Light colored but full flavored. This is spot on!
2010 PRUNOTTO “Mompertone” $23.95…gorgeous blend of 60% Barbera/40% syrah. Not at all heavy on the palate, and loaded with rich, savory flavors. This pretty special. Plus it usually sells for close to $30! 91 pts-Vinous: “…endowed with serious minerality and intensity. Sweet red berries, flowers, spices and anise are some of the many nuances that take shape in the glass. Readers who want to get a sense of the personality of the vintage will glean many insights from tasting this focused, vibrant red.”

And if those sound intriguing, then just you wait…
Bonus #1-2010 TIOLE Barolo $37.95…this is stunning Barolo for under $40! Rich, earthy, it has everything we love about the wines from this world class terroir. Winemaker Massimo Grasso is one the most under-the-radar Barolo producers!!
Bonus #2-2011 CANTINA DEL PINO Barbaresco $41.95…you can ask for nothing more. 92 pts-Wine Spectator & Wine Advocate; 90 pts-Vinous
Bonus #3-2006 CA’ROME Barbaresco “Maria di Brun” $49.95….a few of you may have seen me waxing poetic about this on Instagram and FB after consuming a bottle at home the other night. 10 year old, single-vineyard Barbaresco, aged in perfect conditions, drinking at the absolute height of its considerable powers!!

mariadibrun1This is going to be such an amazing evening! I for one can’t wait for our shift drinks post-tasting!! You don’t have to wait quite so long, as you can indulge anytime between 4:30-8:00. A mere ten dollars will secure the first five tastes, and a little more for the bonus pours will take you where you really want to go! Of course bring some appropriate antipasti along, and settle in at VINO for a fabulous Italian evening!


Dec. 9th: Italy’s Piedmont Greats- who doesn’t want to drink their way through this delicious region?

Dec. 16th: Great Northwest Reds- when out of town company comes visiting for the holidays, it’s time to show off the local juice!

Dec. 23rd: California’s All American Zinfandel!!

Dec. 30th: No tasting tonight. We will be open for regular business from 11-6. Stop by for a glass of wine and grab that year end indulgence!!

Jan. 6th: The Best of 2016 Friday Flights! This is a super fun look back at what some of our, and your, favorite wines of Friday Flights from the past 52 weeks!!

Jan. 13th: California’s Rhone Rangers- the high riding winemakers down south are doing themselves, and their French inspired wines, very proud!

Jan. 20th: Spanish Sensations- if they keep making this good at these prices, we’ll keep coming back for more!