Friday Flights

VINO Friday FlightsVINO’s Friday Flights happen every Friday evening from 4:30 until 8:00. You get a flight of five wines for $10, and we will usually have 2 or 3 bonus pours for a nominal extra charge. You can drop in anytime, and all are welcome from newbies to wine know-it-alls. We always provide the bread to cleanse your palates and please feel free to bring snacks and other nibbles with you!

Featured Wines
Cigliuti’s Classic Barbera!!

When you read a rec from me regarding any Barbera in the store keep in mind I am a huge fan of the wines made from this grape. Barbera is my usual go-to wine at home, and you might say I am a bit, um,[more]

The Name Fits! 2011 Les Clos Perdus “L’Extreme”

I’ve rarely had a wine so aptly named. This is totally one of those “WOW!” wines, all caps intended, that I come across far too infrequently. Les Clos Perdus is a tiny winery in SW France’s Co[more]

Rioja Revelation: 2009 SENORIO DE PECINA Crianza

This is stunning Rioja for the $$! In 2002 Pedro Peciña, long time vineyard manager of  the famed La Rioja Alta, one of the three finest Rioja estates, left them to pursue his dream of running his o[more]

2014 Walter Scott Chardonnay “Cuvée Anne”

Two firsts here on this stunning new Oregon chardonnay from winemaker Ken Pahlow and his wife Erica Landon: #1- I don’t think in 6 years of VINO I’ve ever felt the need to encourage you to buy a $[more]

Single Vineyard Sensation! 2011 Montaribaldi “Du Gir” Barbera d’Alba

I love it when my Barbera lust gets satisfied. Long time VINO shoppers know how much we respect the Montaribaldi wines that come from Luciano and Roberto Taliano’s small family winery in the town of[more]

Mencia Madness: 2012 VINOS DE ARGANZA Lagar de Robla

This is a shockingly good bottle of Spanish red that is made 100% mencia from the Castillo y León region of NW Spain that recently received a well deserved 91 Wine Spectator points. It’s not all ab[more]

THE BUCK IS BACK: 2014 Buckman Pinot Noir!!

Coming a month late (due to self-inflicted label ordering issues) but all the better for the additional bottle time is our latest baby from the soon-to-be-revered 2014 Oregon pinot noir vintage. As it[more]

Oregon Classic: 2012 CROWLEY WINES Pinot Noir “Entre Nous”

Since the first release I carried, his still delicious 2005 vintage “Entre Nous” Pinot, I have been very impressed with the pure, classically Oregon pinots from Tyson Crowley and his partner Evan [more]

April 29, 2016

No #beyhive, just Great Piedmont Reds!!

Not to interfere with America’s current infatuation with the #beyhive and652901 #iflifegivesyoulemons #lemonade, but we’ve got some important things to discuss VINO-wise this week. By the way, if you happen to need to google those things, remember 2 things:
1-Don’t! Those are 5 minutes you’ll never get back
2-Bey and Jay made about $5mil more in those 5 minutes. Not that they’re the types to manipulate the public or anything….
Now, if you have no idea what in the world I’m writing about, all I can say is good for you as you are obviously a productive member of society and have a much richer and more meaningful life than I do!
69098 (1)
Now that I’ve thoroughly embarrassed myself, let’s talk (and taste) something that leaves a much better taste in our mouths, that being the wines I hold so dear on my dinner table with rewarding regularity, the incredibly soulful vino rosso that flows with satisfying regularity through our doors here on SE 28th Av. I’ve made it abundantly clear how I adore the vinous produce from the Piedmont. The wines, the winemakers, the land itself is so evocative of the sense of place that for me makes this whole wine business so endlessly fascinating.  I taste these wines and feel so fortunate to be able to appreciate just why they are so compelling. The food affinity is off the charts, and the value becomes apparent with every taste and bite of food you might bring along. Across the board for the money these wines blow away the vast majority of similarly priced domestic wine. Not that there aren’t endless American wines I love, too, but for the money, these wines are astonishingly satisfying. The proof is a day away…
2013 GIOVANNI ROCCA Langhe Rosso “Rucat” $11.95
2009 CONTERNO-FANTINO Dolcetto d’Alba “Bricco Bastia” $14.95…was $22.95, we made a sweet deal on this single-vineyard Dolcetto that is drinking perfectly!
2014 BURLOTTO Barbera d’Alba $20.95…Eric Asimov/NYT: “This is how I remember Barbera d’Alba back when I was becoming obsessed with wine in the early 1980s: fresh, fruity, lively with acidity, and with hardly any tannin. Many modern barberas are aged in new oak barrels, and some are compelling in their own way. But I have a sentimental attachment to the brisk, direct older style, especially when it comes from a careful, traditional producer like Burlotto.”
2013 CIGLIUTI Barbera d’Alba “Serraboella” $23.95
2011 FIORENZO NADA Nebbiolo Langhe $19.95
And as always the impressions only deepen with our bonus delights…
Bonus #1-2011 EZIO Barbera d’Asti Superiore “Terra dl Noce” $24.95…89 pts-Vinous: “A gorgeous wine to drink now and over the next few years. Leather, smoke, tobacco, menthol and licorice all flesh out in the glass. Like most of the wines in the range, the Terra del Noce is made in a style that emphasizes secondary and tertiary notes more than overt fruit. Readers who like Barbera with aromatic and flavor complexity will find much to like here. The warm vintage has softened some of the contours, but the wine’s old school personality is very much intact. And the price? A steal.
Bonus #2-2012 CA DEL BAIO Barbaresco “Marcarini” $34.95…92 pts-Vinous: “Shows a much darker expression of Treiso, along with great depth, ripeness and textural richness. Black cherry, plum, cloves, leather and smoke all open up in a Barbaresco endowed with considerable mid-palate sweetness and distinctly baritone-inflected nuances. Here the expression of Nebbiolo is broad and ample.”
Bonus #3-2011 GIOVANNI ROCCA Barolo “Ravera di Monforte” $39.95…93 pts-Wine Spectator: “Tight-grained and dense with tannins, this fresh red shows energy and focus, with cherry, black pepper, tar and tobacco flavors. Balanced and long, presenting a saline, minerally aftertaste.”

IMG_3175_large (1)If you have to drink something those aren’t a bad way to go, right? Find out how not bad by stopping by anytime between 4:30-8:00 tomorrow. I strongly urge bringing along your finest nibbles as these beauties define “food wines”! Ten bucks for the first five, a little more for the drop dead gorgeous bonus pours. I hope you can make it because these are truly what great wine is all about!


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