Special Events

VINO is honored to have relationships with some of the best wine producers in the world. Periodically, we have the opportunity to present those winemakers to you as part of special wine-tasting evenings. Please check here frequently for our announcements about upcoming special events.

If you’re interested in planning your own special wine tasting event with VINO please contact us.

Featured Wines
THE BUCK IS BACK: 2014 Buckman Pinot Noir!!

Coming a month late (due to self-inflicted label ordering issues) but all the better for the additional bottle time is our latest baby from the soon-to-be-revered 2014 Oregon pinot noir vintage. As it[more]

Sensational Sangiovese from Di Majo Norante!

This super value sangiovese from the Molise region has never been better than in this 2013 version. Di Majo Norantes is the foremost producer in this wine area that abuts the Adriatic Sea in southern [more]

Blockbuster, world class red here. Absolutely stunning. Yes, expensive by Barbera standards but most assuredly blows away virtually all similarly priced wines. This is amazing! I could go on and on, a[more]

Loire Loveliness: 2013 FRANCK MILLET Sancerre

Given that I obsess over fresh oysters and can consume, if offered the chance, unhealthy amounts of them, is it any wonder I love the great Sancerre from France’s Loire Valley? In truth, any fish or[more]

Oregon Classic: 2012 CROWLEY WINES Pinot Noir “Entre Nous”

Since the first release I carried, his still delicious 2005 vintage “Entre Nous” Pinot, I have been very impressed with the pure, classically Oregon pinots from Tyson Crowley and his partner Evan [more]

Mont Gras “Antu” Syrah: as good as it gets!

When we carried the previous locally available release of this Chilean beauty, the 2009 “Antu” Syrah, I wrote that it was one of, if not the, best South American Syrahs I’ve had. At any price. A[more]

Superiore in Every Way!

You may have gathered over time that I am a huge Barbera nut. Probably my favorite wine to drink on a regular basis, which makes me somewhat, well, “particular” would be a good way to put [more]

Un Autre Monde…translated means “Another World”…which is about how I’m feeling right now about this wine. Another world meaning, oh, say, buying Oregon pinot noir in the early to mid-1990’[more]

Nov. 18, 2015

Aurelien Fiardet/Terroirs Originel’s Glorious Gamay!!

zoo-julienas-les-cerisiers-2013-pascal-aufrancThis is a spectacular opportunity to taste not only some of the best, but without question the best priced, Cru Village  Beaujolais in the world. Aurelien and his company, Terroirs Originel, have been relentless in seeking out distinctive, passionate, family run wine growers from the Beaujolais region (and a few from southern Burgundy) who make relatively tiny amounts of wine, but who’s quality is unsurpassed. The fact that all of these wines can be had for basically less than a twenty dollar bill is remarkable, especially when you consider that Kermit Lynch (and other importers) have a temerity to ask you to fork over $10-$20 more for wines that are not one bit better! I adore French gamay noir, and it truly is one of the most versatile, under-appreciated red wines in the world. And yes, absolutely spot on perfect for holiday dinners! I am so happy to welcome Aurelien to VINO once again this coming Wednesday from 5:00-7:00pm for a FREE, drop in wine event. Please, for the sake of your personal well being, DON’T MISS THIS!!!
A quick reminder note on all of our special wine events: all wines being poured are always offered at special “Day of Tasting” discounts!
The lineup:
-2014 ROBERT PERROUD Brouilly “L’Enfrs des Balloquets” $15.95
-2014 PASCAL AUFRANC Julkienas “Les Cerisiers” $15.95
-2014 PASCAL AUFRANC Chénas $15.95
-2014 LUCIEN LARDY Morgon “Cote du Puy” $17.95
-2014 LUCIEN LARDY Moulin à Vent “Les Thorins” $18.95
-2014 LUCIEN LARDY Beaujolais-Villages $12.95
-2014 JEAN-MICHEL DUPRÉ Regnie $13.95
-2013 FRANCK BESSON Blanc de Noirs Brut “Dentelle” $20.95
-2013 FRANCK BESSON Brut Rosé “Granit” $20.95 
-2013 DOMAINE PIERRE VESSIGAUD Macon-Fuissé $20.95