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VINO is honored to have relationships with some of the best wine producers in the world. Periodically, we have the opportunity to present those winemakers to you as part of special wine-tasting evenings. Please check here frequently for our announcements about upcoming special events.

If you’re interested in planning your own special wine tasting event with VINO please contact us.

Featured Wines

Un Autre Monde…translated means “Another World”…which is about how I’m feeling right now about this wine. Another world meaning, oh, say, buying Oregon pinot noir in the early to mid-1990’[more]

Casa Contini’s Sublime Salento!

2013 CASA CONTINI Salento Rosso “Verso” $14.95 bottle/ $144.00 case You want to know what grapes that have ripened to perfection in the warm southern Italian sun taste like? Pop the cork on this d[more]

Wow! I just tasted this about 5 minutes ago with one of my reps and was absolutely blown away that a Priorat this good was available for so little and had to sit down and share immediately! This is as[more]

Dolcetto Gets Real!

Ascheri is renowned for producing Barolos that are classics. Unyielding, bold, traditional nebbiolo that come from their impeccably maintained cellar in Bra. Their attention to detail, and the intense[more]

I don’t usually do things prompted by reviews I read in The Wine Spectator, especially wines that are made in the several thousand case quantity, but I know on this bottle when word hits the gen[more]

Savory Savoie: 2011Philippe Ravier Roussanne

We’ve been seeing plenty of roussanne based wines coming from various NW wineries. They are usually fairly good, but unfortunately priced at about $15-$20 or more. Now here’s the thing: they are n[more]

This hasn’t happened in a long time: a wine comes in from an area that I like but have never really been overly impressed with, and WHAM!, suddenly my palate pops open, my mind’s expectati[more]

Baby Barbaresco!

I’ve been amazed at the values from Franco Serra’s small Piedmontese operation in the village of Mombaruzzo a few km’s from Alba. Whether it was a killer Barbaresco for around $25 or[more]

May 9, 2015

This Saturday: Winemakers in the House w/ Swick Wines and Fossil & Fawn!!

1978768_10152837920858310_4154032080569404872_nI am super pleased by two things this Saturday: first, what an incredible summer day in May we have to look forward to! Then, to enhance the loveliness even further, we are very fortunate and pleased to have the wines and winemakers of two of our favorite artisan Oregon wineries in store for a FREE tasting from 1:00-4:00. Joe Swick of Swick Wines ( ) and Jim Fischer and Jenny Mosbacher of Fossil & Fawn ( ), who are producing stellar wines right now. Their tiny productions are made with minimal intervention and utmost care. 11050136_650285681737537_6154975383076260960_n“Meticulous” would be a perfect adjective to describe how both wineries go about their business. Their current releases are some of the most interesting, exciting wines in Oregon right now. And you’ll be able to taste all of ‘em this Saturday!! Joe, Jim, and Jenny (the Triple J Gang) are three of the nicest people you could hope to drink with and will be here to answer any questions and share their insight. If you want to taste future stars of Oregon wine, be here Saturday for these…
2013 FOSSIL & FAWN Pinot Noir “Crowley Station Vineyard” $26.95
2014 FOSSIL & FAWN Pinot Gris “Crowley Station Vineyard” $16.95…with extended skin contact it looks and drinks like a vibrant dry rosé!

2013 SWICK WINES Pinot Noir “Yamhill-Carlton”…$26.95
2014 SWICK WINES Pinot Noir “Cancilla Vineyard”…$28.95…made “sans soufre”, meaning zero added sulfur, perfect for those who are affected by the sulfur in wine!
2013 SWICK WINES Pinot Noir “Les Sous-Bois”…$23.95
2014 SWICK WINES Blanc de Noir “Cancilla Vineyard”…$20.95
2014 SWICK WINES Pinot Gris “Les Sous-Bois”…$15.95…also made “sans soufre”

ADDED SAVINGS: All day Saturday you can save an extra 10% off every Swick and Fossil & Fawn wine!!!