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Cellar Selections: Your future is assured!

A few holiday indulgences to ponder, for yourself, for a gift, for whatever reason you want. They are a bit outside of our normal offerings but totally worth every penny. It seems if ever there was a time to pamper and indulge oneself, this is it! See the bottom of the offering for special mixed…

VINO Value Case #35!!

VINO VALUE  CASE #35 Enough time has gone by that you must have gone through those 12 bottles from Value Case #34, right? Assuming that is the “case”, as it were, and also assuming you still enjoy drinking very well for a pittance, then below you’ll find the latest installment of our delicious dozen bottles….

Piedmontese Pleasure!

2010 OLIM BAUDA Barbera d’Asti Superiore “Nizza” $34.95 bottle/ $188.00- 1/2 case/ $335.00 case As you can imagine in 20+ years in this wine biz I’ve tasted well over a thousand Barberas. The one that still sticks out in my mind as one of the greatest young wines I’ve ever had is the 1999 Vietti…