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An Evening in Provence!!

This is your fair warning to get in for the last Friday Flight for the next 3 weeks, plus if you have an outstanding special orders to pick up now is the time, as VINO will be closed from Monday, June 13 through Tuesday, June 28th. We’ll be back open Wednesday, June 29th. W, C-boy,…

VINO’s Spring Fizz Fest!!

It should go without saying that if I’m going to be drinking on a mid-80* afternoon, it had better be something chilled and refreshing in my glass, preferably with tiny, palate tingling bubbles floating gently to the surface. Yet another of myriad reasons to be happy that our twice-yearly Bubble Bash is happening this Friday….

Cigliuti’s Classic Barbera!!

2013 CIGLIUTI Barbera d'Alba "Campass"
$26.95 bottle/ $258.00 case

When you read a rec from me regarding any Barbera in the store keep in mind I am a huge fan of the wines made from this grape. Barbera is my usual go-to wine at home, and you might say I am a bit, um,  particular about what I bring in. That’s why when I…

The Name Fits! 2011 Les Clos Perdus “L’Extreme”

2011 LES CLOS PERDUS “L’Extreme” Pays de Cotes Catalanes
$38.95 bottle/ $210.00 half case/ $373.00 case

I’ve rarely had a wine so aptly named. This is totally one of those “WOW!” wines, all caps intended, that I come across far too infrequently. Les Clos Perdus is a tiny winery in SW France’s Corbieres appellation who maintain fanatical standards in the vineyard and winery. From their organic/biodynamically grown grapes to the gentle,…

2014 Walter Scott Chardonnay “Cuvée Anne”

2014 Walter Scott Chardonnay "Cuvée Anne"
$39.95 bottle/ $215 per half case/ $380.00 case

Two firsts here on this stunning new Oregon chardonnay from winemaker Ken Pahlow and his wife Erica Landon: #1- I don’t think in 6 years of VINO I’ve ever felt the need to encourage you to buy a $40 bottle of Oregon chardonnay (and if I m doing it you know I believe); #2- it…

Single Vineyard Sensation! 2011 Montaribaldi “Du Gir” Barbera d’Alba

2011 MONTARIBALDI "Du Gir" Barbera d'Alba
$20.95 bottle/ $202.00 case

I love it when my Barbera lust gets satisfied. Long time VINO shoppers know how much we respect the Montaribaldi wines that come from Luciano and Roberto Taliano’s small family winery in the town of Barbaresco. Their wines almost always over deliver, and without question offer some of the best values coming out of the…

Mencia Madness: 2012 VINOS DE ARGANZA Lagar de Robla

2012 Vinos de Arganza Lagar de Robla
$12.95 bottle/ $124.00 case

This is a shockingly good bottle of Spanish red that is made 100% mencia from the Castillo y León region of NW Spain that recently received a well deserved 91 Wine Spectator points. It’s not all about that validation, though. This wine absolutely rocks it with surprising depth and some serious intention in its bold…

THE BUCK IS BACK: 2014 Buckman Pinot Noir!!

2014 BUCKMAN WINE CO. Pinot Noir
$17.95 bottle/ $172.00 case

Coming a month late (due to self-inflicted label ordering issues) but all the better for the additional bottle time is our latest baby from the soon-to-be-revered 2014 Oregon pinot noir vintage. As it seems to every year it exceeds my expectations, which I shouldn’t be surprised by as this custom VINO cuvée is made, as…